What is the role of search engine optimisation?

We are often asked what is search engine optimisation (SEO) and is it legal and ethical.

Anyone who works as a SEO gets asked this question many times. Trying to explain the purpose of SEO is quite simple. SEO is often expressed as making sure a website ranks as highly as it possibly can in any given search engine for a given set of search criteria.

The more difficult question is, “so, what do you do, exactly? Or precisely how do you improve a websites rankings?”

In order to explain this, people need to have a basic understanding of the internet and how search engines rank websites.

Let us take a look at the role of a typical SEO agency

Seo CompanyI work for an Aylesbury Search Engine Optimisation company and I am well-versed in many skills, these include marketing, technology, sales and strategy.

Search engine optimisation is a type of online marketing. My role is to drive traffic to my client’s websites and then make sure the visitors convert with the type of action the website owner wishes them to take. These conversion actions are usually agreed between myself as the SEO and the client.

Once these goals and conversion actions have been agreed it is the role of my SEO agency to develop a strategy and action plan to achieve these aims.

These strategies usually consist of improvements to the on-page layout and contents of each website page, optimisation of load times for the website, development of better internal and external website linking strategies and the creation of lead capture and lead optimisation type activities.

I typically undertake a range of many tweaks and changes to each website to help it perform better and also look at the flow through the page content to improve usability.

The process of decent SEO Is not a one hit wonder but one of tweaking, evaluating and then re-tweaking.

Typically I will look at a wide range of things in this evaluation process, these include both off site and on site signals.

With this brief explanation of SEO, that leaves the questions of is it legal and is it ethical?

Legality is simple the answer is always yes, after all you are just trying to gain a better position for your company or product offering. As long as you do not undertake negative SEO, in an attempt to damage your competitors you are not breaking any laws with most simple SEO practices.

When it comes to the ethical questions you then have to look at the terms of service for the key search engines you are trying to rank in.

As an example it is against Google’s terms of service to artificially attempt to influence your search engine ranking position. Therefore any form of SEO would appear to be against this companies terms of service. Strange when you consider Google recently advertised jobs for SEO consultants.

Your aims as a website owner, whether doing your own SEO or getting an agency to do it for you, should be to develop great content that other users and website want to link to, share socially and promote.

If you effectively do this your search engine rankings are sure to go up. If your content is good, informative and compelling it will encourage visitors to stay on your site longer and take the actions you suggest they undertake. Thus providing a win for your website and a win for your readers.

What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO

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